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 International Connections of Houston

International Connections of Houston - Terms & Conditions


International Connections of Houston is a nonprofit entity, hereinafter referred to as ICH. An Individual's membership is an automatic acceptance and agreement to abide by ICH Terms and Conditions and ICH Governing Documents.  As a member, I shall act in the best interest of ICH and its members. The following Terms and Conditions of Membership have been established for the wellbeing and representation of ICH and its members.

I understand ICH may use photos and videos that may include me. It is my responsibility to notify the VP Membership if I wish to have my image(s) removed.

I hereby grant my consent as it relates to ICH only, for ICH to publicly use my personal image, likeness, voice, name, or story. ICH will not seek to identify individuals in photos, videos, etc., on publicly accessed sites.


This consent shall include listing my current contact information in the ICH Directory. I shall not use the ICH Directory to promote myself, my business or any business. Members' contact information shall not be used to promote any non-ICH event and must not be shared with non-ICH members for any reason. These consents and their use shall not be deemed a violation of my personal privacy. 


I grant ICH permission to use any photos and videos I submit to ICH. I agree that I have no right to pre-approval of use, or the receipt of any form of payment, or recognitions relating to such works or their use. 


My participation in any or all ICH activities, programs, and events is my individual election. I therefore indemnify ICH, its officers, directors, agents, or representatives for any illness, medical condition, injury, accident, or property loss that may arise out of, or result from my association with ICH, its members, or affiliated vendors and sponsors. 


No retroactive changes can occur to these Terms & Conditions.


An electronic image of this form shall serve as a confirmation that I have read and understood all of the above. 


June 2021 - Reviewed August 2022

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